The main event – worker’s comp reform

In this corner, fighting for worker’s comp reform in South Carolina…NFIB’s Jay W Ragley.

And in this corner, fighting to protect our current system…attorney Bill Smith.

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One Comment on “The main event – worker’s comp reform”

  1. Repetitive trauma must be defined in detail as there are many issues involved. Repetive trauma clause can make it very easy for an employee to take advantage of the system. Carpal tunnel syndrome effects children, young adults and mature aducts. Carpal tunnel comes from a variety of actions, but mostly from repetitive acts but not always. This syndrome must be closely scruinized by the employer and the medical profession. I do believe that most carpal tunnel claims can be eliminated through worksite and individual efforts.

    The second injury fund, I believe, has a RED flag on it. The fund, to me, invites litigation from some of those in the legal profession. Since the independent business have little access to the fund, I think the cost must be proportionate to the accessibity and use of the fund by the employers. The playing field in definitely in favor of the larger companies, who can afford the costs, while the independent busineeses (the backbone, arms, head and legs of our economy) are burdened with the expense. This is not right or fair!

    The SC Department of Insurance needs to closely scrutinize rate hikes, premium increases, claims origination and impact of any increase. I do not believe in across the board rate hikes of any kind without thorough and proper justification of such hikes. SC should be trying to draw businesses of all sizes to this state, and most of those businesses, hopefully, will be independent (small). The present conditions are counter-productive, and proper pressure should be brought on those who govern to change course and become proactive in making SC an attractive state in which to conduct business.

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