It’s a Happy Birthday!

Look who’s 40!

We here at The Shot want to send out a very Happy Birthday to our good friend Luke Byars who hits the big 4-0 this weekend.  We actually thought Luke was well past 40.  All those years of dealing with people like Bob Peeler, Katon Dawson, and Jim DeMint will really put some age on a fella.  Happy birthday old man!

Luke aint the only one with a birthday!

Today is Elizabeth Donehue’s birthday. How about take a break from raising all that cash and go have a little fun?  Happy Birthday E!


And Laurin Manning has a birthday this weekend! You know the Queen will be partying hard if Obama gives her a couple hours off.  Happy Birthday girl!


And yesterday was Lisa Sox’s birthday. Yeah, we know this is a picture of Julia Roberts, but its pretty darn close to looking like our Republican Senate Caucus Executive Director. 


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One Comment on “It’s a Happy Birthday!”

  1. C Says:

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth and Laurin!!!

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