Sanford Won’t Rule Out Veep Spot?


Politico is reporting that Governor Sanford was warm to the notion of life after the Governor’s office, or in this case, before his term is up!  He would not rule out accepting a nomintation a Vice President.

First of all, of course he wouldn’t.  Secondly, not a chance.  The author, Jonathan Martin, goes on to discuss the positives of a Somebody-Sanford ticket, but its all just hot air in our opinion. 

A Sanford Presidential run has been tossed around by Club for Growth types since the 2004 Republican National Convention when they threw a fundraiser in his honor, but it isn’t likely.   However, Sandford curiously puts an Op-Ed in the Washington Post and now we just have to speculate our little hearts out.  Not to knock the Gov, his best chance would be to run for number one; we just don’t see a Veep offer in the cards.

The choice for Veep is almost totally based on geography and electoral math.  In other words, which candidate can help deliver a state, or region, either at risk or healthy in electoral votes.  South Carolina, and the Southeast in general, just don’t add up.  In the case of GWB picking Dick Cheney; there was a need to add some “weight” or statesmanship to the ticket.  

The only thing we could come up with that remotely makes sense would be a youthful Sanford giving vigor to a much, much older McCain.  However, we think that might be too much of a contrast for the McCain folks.  And forget the regional balance stuff.  Does anyone see SC going to the Democrats in a Presidential race?

With the current slate out there, which candidate would want a Veep that is a) from a state and region that will go Republican anyway, and b) smarter than anyone on the planet and not afraid to let you know.

Just our $.02…

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4 Comments on “Sanford Won’t Rule Out Veep Spot?”

  1. AlexS Says:

    The interesting thing is though that Mark Sanford may be just what the candidate ordered. There is a shortage of “southern” candidates this time, which is certainly different than most other years. When the south puts out a democrat, some states vote for the Southern Democrat over the Yankee Republican(ie. GHWB v. WJC, GF vs. JC) This time, we have Mike Huckabee and John Edwards as the only two southerners in this crowded race. And while John Edwards in my opinion could be an important player, some people would claim that both MH and JE have no chance. So then you are left with 2 yankees and a southwesterner on the GOP side, and a Yankee and a Yankee/Midwesterner and a southwesterner on the dem side? So, in my humble opinion, many campaigns may be looking to add a southerner to a ticket. In this case, Mark Sanford is a viable option. He appeals to environmentalists, libertarians, NRA crowd and is an “outsider” with “insider” experience. He has a young family, a great wife, and is really good on the stump. His connections are great, and could help a liberal republican(guiliani and mccain) ground the ticket in TRUE conservative values of lower taxes and morality.
    In saying this, I think that Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint may already be on short lists, as well as southerners Jeb Bush, Tom Cornyn, and even Mike Huckabee.
    Just my view…

  2. Sand Hill Says:

    If one of the GOP Presidential candidates is looking for a Southern Governor to bring on as veep, Sonny Purdue from neighboring Georgia would make more sense. Considering the importance of the slippage of the midwest toward the D column recently, I would expect the GOP VP candidate to be from there.

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  4. Wally Says:

    The “Veep Spot”…is that like the clap??

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