Veep debate with a twist


We don’t normally reference FITSnews or anything about its writer.  Lord knows, we try to never to waste a second of our lives thinking about that hot mess.  After all, who wants to be subjected to the constant talk about genitalia, bowel movements, and celebrity soap opera.

However, we take a special exception today because FITS has weighed in on the Sanford for Veep debate with a comment that we found to be curious at least.  Yesterday we gave our $.02 on why we didn’t think it was a valid option, but FITS has a different take:

“We’ll have more on this in the weeks and months to come, but there’s no way in hell the governor makes it through a vice presidential vetting process.” 

The reference to Governor Sanford not making it through the vetting process and the promise of revelations in the weeks to come sound a lot like a veiled threat.  It will be interesting to see what comes of this from the former staffer who fell from grace.

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4 Comments on “Veep debate with a twist”

  1. Alex S Says:

    “It will be interesting to see what comes of this from the former staffer who fell from grace.”

    ADAILYSHOT 1 FITS(Will Folks) 0

  2. Newspaper Hack Says:

    I’m not usually one to point out typos (God knows I end up with enough), but I think that’s “genitalia” and “bowel” movements.

    I’ve tried to watch bowls move, but it only made me want to go take a shit.

  3. scchaser Says:

    We stand corrected…and a perfect two words to mess up.

  4. Wally Says:

    But doesn’t a gov have to have accomplishments (other than a nice tan) to be considered a VP candidate?

    One would think the national press will be looking for his successes…but off hand, I can’t think of any. He failed with a Rep Senate, House, and Lt. Gov…is he expected to do better with a congress of Dems?

    How far can that stunt with the pigs take him??

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