Sam Brownback Joins Al Gore in Fight Against Manbearpig

Last week as we where attending the spectacular Spartanburg County Republican Party’s President’s Day Dinner, we noticed on a palm card promoting Sen. Brownback’s Presidential Campaign that said he too wants to join the fight to stop Manbearbig. I’m serious.

For those of you who don’t know about Manbearpig, he is a human-animal hybrid, who is half-man, half-bear, and half-pig. Manbearpig first appeared last year in the tiny mountain town of South Park Colorado. It was there former Vice-President Al Gore first brought Manbearpig to the public’s attention and saying  “Manbearpig is the single greatest threat to our planet.”

And Sen. Sam Brownback agrees that Manbearpigs must be stopped. I’m totally serial. Just look at a copy of this palm card, and you will clearly see that Sen. Brownback has made it a point to say he is willing to lead the fight against human-animal hybrids:



“Manbearpig doesn’t care who you are or what you do…Manbearpig is out to get you,” says the former Vice-President “And we must stop Manbearpig.”

While both Sen. Brownback and Al Gore agree that Manbearpig must be stopped, they are not in totally agreement of how to stop Manbearpig. I’m so freaking serial.

You see Vice-President Gore wants to hunt down Manbearpig, chase it into the “Cave of the Winds”, and then fill it with molten lead. Sen. Brownback on the other hand, wants to prevent evil scientists from genetically engineering a Manbearpig, which would thus eliminate the need to hunt down and kill a Manbearpig all together.

We here at “The Shot” are glad that a Presidential candidate, has finally addressed the serious issue of Manbearpig. Sen. Brownback you have really separated yourself away from the rest of the field on this one. I’m so totally freaking serial.

Hmm, I wonder how Brownback feels about global warming. Well, who cares, stopping Manbearpig is what this election is all about.

Until then…EXCELSIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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