Rudy spending cash to win straw poll


If you listened to Rick Beltram, Chairman of the Spartanburg GOP, and Jason Spencer, writer for the SHJ, you would think that the presidential primary was on March 1st.  That’s when South Carolina will hold its first big presidential straw poll.

How much do these straw poll matter? Well, the winners will tell you that they mean everything.  The losers will tell you they mean nothing.  But Rudy Giuliani and his Spartanburg pals Karen Floyd and Barry Wynn must think they mean something because they are spending some money to turn out supporters to their precinct meetings.

This little flyer was found on the floor at the Spartanburg President’s Day Dinner.

Sorry that half of its cut off. In case you can’t figure out what it says – it says to show up on March 1st and vote for Rudy Giuliani in the straw poll.

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