The Crew| Richardson picks up McIntosh

 General Lachlan McIntosh, the Highlander who...

We realize this isn’t the real McIntosh, but this is General Lachlan McIntosh, a Scottsman who helped found the Georgia militia.  We figured it would do for now.

In case you missed it, South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director, Lachlan McIntosh, will be leaving to head up New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s South Carolina campaign for President. 

In terms of experience, Governor Richardson is considered to have the most impressive resume in the Democratic line-up.  In that same vein, Lachlan is considering one of the most experienced Democrat operatives in the state.  His addition will certainly lend some credibility with Democratic activists.  Lachlan will have a tough road ahead in terms of getting his candidate some attention with HRC and Obama sucking up the spotlight, but he would be the guy to do it.

The SCDP also announced that long-time Dem operative, Morton Brilliant, will be taking the reigns.  Brilliant is another heavy weight in SC politics, having served as advisor to Governor Jim Hodges and with the SCDP.  Brilliant last made the news in Georgia when he resigned as manager of a gubernatorial race after he altered a wikipedia entry for his opponent to include the DUI arrest of the candidate’s son. 

[UPDATE] We found a pic of Lachlan, but we think the General is cool, so we’re keeping him up too.


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