Hunter Drops Two S.C. Co-Chairs


The ink is hardly dry on the Bonnie Blue PR and Presidential hopeful Congressman Duncan Hunter’s consulting contract, but Robert Cahaley and Company are already making some major moves to hopefully improve the chances for their “dark-horse” candidate.

Paul Hyde is reporting on his Greenville News blog that Hunter will no longer have Lois Eargle and Dr. Henry Jordan serve as state Co-Chairs for his campaign. This move comes days after Eargle, the Horry County Auditor and County Republican Party Chairman Emeritus, made some disparaging comments concerning an abused illegal immigrant who she told to “go back to Mexico”. Dr. Jordan, a former candidate for Lt. Governor, is widely considered to be a loose cannon. This assumption is based on a number of “culturally insensitive” remarks from Dr. Jordan.

Despite the loss of these hardworking activists, this was probably a good move for Hunter. As a person who appears to be taking his candidacy serious, he really shouldn’t be associating himself with such extreme views. Especially if those views are not his own.      

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2 Comments on “Hunter Drops Two S.C. Co-Chairs”

  1. Earl Says:

    Yeah, it was good … Lois was a flake, and he didn’t need to be tarred by such associations.

  2. Dave Says:

    Here is a site with lots of info & news on Hunter:

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