John McCain loses some friends


Yeah, this sucks.  Don’t laugh…it could happen to you too. From Wolf Blitzer:

Click here for video.

JACKI SCHECHNER: Senator john mccain’s ecampaign tried to set up a myspace account for him. They wanted to use that address myspace.Com/johnmccain. They found out it was already used. The mccain people reached out to myspace and asked to take over the page. They misunderstood. And they ended up removing all of the pro-senator mccain profiles on myspace. All of them off the site. The mccain campaign takes full responsibility for the miscommunication. They’ve apologized and offer to set the profiles up again. Right now, the mccain campaign has 72 friends. We’ll see if that picks up.

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One Comment on “John McCain loses some friends”

  1. Harrison Gasque Says:

    I will never vote for John McCain because of how he lied about the Confederate flag a few years ago.

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