More Trey Walker email issues

This morning we learned of anonymous attacks on Mitt Romney for the Spartanburg straw poll.  We were also reminded of McCain state director Trey Walker’s past email problems, SLED investigation, and near prosecution.

We now learn that that Trey has been using Henry McMaster’s state campaign for John McCain’s federal campaign.  From the email below we see that an email sent from Trey, with no disclaimer, is actually paid for by the McMaster for Attorney General state campaign.  We do not know the legalities of McCain-Feingold and using state campaign dollars for federal campaigns, but we will find out for you as soon as possible.

Per request, we have hidden the person’s name who sent us this email.  Explanations below screen shots.


First we see the email sent from Trey and a pro-McCain article.


We then see the attack.  Notice, there is no disclaimer. But when we click on the little link at the bottom of the screen that says “update profile/email address” the next screen pops up.


Notice the email was sent to Henry McMaster’s listserve, paid for by McMaster for Attorney General.


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8 Comments on “More Trey Walker email issues”

  1. Earl Bascum Says:

    So while a state employee he sent out an email on a state campaign’s list on behalf of a federal candidate?

    The irony of all of this is that Henry McMaster continues to have his head turned. That man should be ashamed.

  2. Bill D. Says:

    You can’t mix state and federal dollars in S.C. it is against McCain-Fiengold BCRA 2002. It is ironic that McCain is breaking the very law he help write.

    Trey Walker avoided an arrest in 2002 after the investigation was suspended because officials were worried that it would interfere with the election. After McMaster got elected that investigation disappeared.

    This time it is the Federal government that will be investigating, and there will be nothing S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster can do.

  3. ORLY? Says:

    If McMaster does nothing here I believe that impeachment hearings should be held. McCain should also have to answer for this. Fire Trey Walker or face investigation from the FEC.

  4. Mikey Says:

    ya’ll sure know how to overreact.

  5. anonymous Says:

    go look at the end of the year disclosure form for Henry McMaster for Attorney General Account and you will see that Edgar (Trey) Walker was paid 2000 dollars for consulting services. Not only did the attorney general turn his head, he paid for this email to go out.

  6. Tigerfan Says:


    The problem is the law was broken here. As a true American I cannot stand a criminal being our President. The worst part is…IT IS HIS OWN LAW HE BROKE. With all the scandels going on in Washington the last thing Republicans need is a person like John McCain

  7. Scooby Doo Says:

    I hear that Drudge Report may be breaking this story!

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