50 votes over night?


The final Spartanburg numbers are in:

John McCain: 164

Rudy Giuliani: 162

Duncan Hunter: 158

Sam Brownback: 85

Mitt Romney: 80

Mike Huckabee: 21

It looks like John McCain found 50 votes over night while everyone else stayed the same. How exactly does happen?   

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5 Comments on “50 votes over night?”

  1. Bugs Bunny Says:

    It happens when the McCain campaign staff stuffs the ballot boxes b/c they are running precinct meetings and county ballots.

    Hunter got robbed by McCain, and it will eventually come back and bite McCain’s backside.

  2. randy b Says:

    Shady, shady stuff. It kind of makes you question your whole life doesn’t it?

  3. scchaser Says:

    Yeah Randy, it kinda does.

    Bugs is right. Hunter should be pretty angry.

    And whether or not Millken turned out this people, we have to give credit where credit is due. Robert Cahaly and the guys over at Bonnie Blue did a terrific job at turning around what was a pretty awful week. After the whole Eargle, Jordan screw up, Cahaly took the straw poll old school and back to Leadership Institute 101. Sometimes its not about pretty mail and shifty attacks. Sometimes its about good ole’ GOTV.

  4. Carl W Says:

    It is digusting and questionable about how McCain could jump from near the bottom to first place in a few hours. I didn’t like McCain’s tactics here and Illinois in 2000 and I hope his support does not grow.
    This is a conservative state and this conservative believes that with Guillani or McCain at the top of the ticket many of us will go Independent. I will not vote for either of those liberals. What choice is there when the Democrat candidate is liberal and the Republican candidate is liberal? Clearly the choice will have to be an Independent in that case.

  5. actually Says:

    beltram even said it…

    they reported his number wrong, saying 114, when it was 141

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