And the winner is…

As the vote rolls in, a couple of interesting things are coming to light.  First Rudy Giuliani, a preceived social liberal, clearly is enjoying the big Mo even in conservative Spartanburg County.  Second, Duncan Hunter should feel really good tonight, no matter how short lived.  They clearly put together a solid ground game.  Here are the numbers with most of the precinct results reporting:

Rudy Giuliani: 123

Duncan Hunter: 110

John McCain:  86

Sam Brownback: 68

Mitt Romney: 59

Mike Huckabee: 18

Tom Tancredo: 4

Jim Gilmore: 4

Ron Paul: 1

John Cox: 1

Spartanburg County leaders were expecting a large turnout; allowing anyone with a license to cast a ballot.  However the massive down pour and tornado warnings keep many would-be voters at home.  It is interesting to see the dichotomy between the win for a more liberal Giuliani and the respectable showing by uber-conservatives Hunter and Brownback. 

Comparing this to The Hotline’s benchmark for news:

1) Giuliani gets 1st

2) Hunter and Brownback

3) McCain gets 3rd

Thoughts on South Carolina’s first straw poll?

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