Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

Except there is nothing great about it, but it most certainly is a circus. Chalk full of monkeys, clowns, and circus sideshows…its the Spartanburg County Straw Poll!

Politico’s Jonathan Martin is reporting the final revalation of the results this afternoon. Come to find out, McCain won the whole shabang. Apparently, with the heavy national scrutiny and a rush to feed the media clowns; the Spartanburg GOP leadership forgot how to count and the leader of this three ring circus got on the TV and reported a bunch of crap. According to an email from Beltram, they actually scored McCain at 114 when it should have been 141. Way to put South Carolina up on the main stage!

So what does this Twilight Zone experience mean? We think it means, just wait till the real time to vote…it is actually 11 months from now!

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