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Fear the Faux Bloggers

February 27, 2007


A buddy passed along an interesting article from the Boston Globe today about faux bloggers posing as part of the genuine netroots community, only to be found out as paid operatives.  Okay, not a whole lot of suprises, but our buddy got a big kick out of it because of the recent paranoid-psychotic comments from the McCain campain about us being a “sleeper blog cell.”(see the front page of The Shot)

Come to find out, the culprits in the article were none other than paid McCain operatives.  

WASHINGTON — Erick Erickson has been running the popular blog long enough to know what his readers’ postings sound like: red-meat conservative rhetoric served up with a little dash of populist anger.

So when postings from an unknown writer on the site showed up praising Senator John McCain — one of the site’s least-popular Republicans for his deviations from hard-core conservative orthodoxy — Erickson thought he smelled a rat.

Or maybe a sock puppet, shill, or a troll — Web slang for bloggers who pretend to be grass-roots political commentators but instead are paid public relations agents.

The author of the pro-McCain articles on, Erickson determined after a Google search, was a Michigan political operative whose firm worked for McCain’s political action committee.

Go figure….read the rest of the article below the flip.



Veep debate with a twist

February 24, 2007


We don’t normally reference FITSnews or anything about its writer.  Lord knows, we try to never to waste a second of our lives thinking about that hot mess.  After all, who wants to be subjected to the constant talk about genitalia, bowel movements, and celebrity soap opera.

However, we take a special exception today because FITS has weighed in on the Sanford for Veep debate with a comment that we found to be curious at least.  Yesterday we gave our $.02 on why we didn’t think it was a valid option, but FITS has a different take:

“We’ll have more on this in the weeks and months to come, but there’s no way in hell the governor makes it through a vice presidential vetting process.” 

The reference to Governor Sanford not making it through the vetting process and the promise of revelations in the weeks to come sound a lot like a veiled threat.  It will be interesting to see what comes of this from the former staffer who fell from grace.

Hey Duncan – you should muzzle your “like minded” friends

February 23, 2007


WOW! This may just be the worst article we have ever read. Seanna…were you having a bad day or what?

Get this. The title is “Hunter taps like-minded conservatives in S.C. to lead campaign.” It goes on to talk about how those like-minded conservatives ignored an abused child and hates buddhists and muslims.

Lois Eargle told an illegal immigrant with an ABUSED CHILD to “get back to Mexico.” And Henry Jordan said ”screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims.”

Now we hate illegal immigration as much as everyone, but we are talking about an abused child here.

Lesson of the day – Don’t tell Seanna Adcox that you have a “major announcement” unless you really have a major announcement. She obviously doesn’t like for you to waste her time.

The Hunter campaign may get mad at us, but you guys are running for President of the United States here. You had better reign in your surrogates, because that statement by Louis Eargle made us spit coffee through our nose.


The case for Katon

February 7, 2007


We hate using this photo (wink, wink…nudge, nudge)

We were in the audience the night of the Republican Party’s Inaugural Gala when Governor Mark Sanford, who forgot his tux (FYI), dubbed Katon Dawson the best Party Chairman in the nation.  We thought is was rather odd of the Governor to say, and we are making no value judgements when we say we think that was a little overblown.  Never the less, it had its intended result and the path for Chairman Dawson’s re-election was cleared. 

We had some grumblings about Chairman Dawson’s reversal on his campaign pledge of term limits and we always think competition is good for elective offices, but Katon can make a case and a strong one at that.

When he took-over the Party, there was major debt.  Katon did an outstanding job erasing that debt as his first priority.  Thankfully President Bush was a freakin’ rock star back then and helped raise money, but it is still a notch on the belt for Katon.  He scored major victories by helping to propel a Republican back into the Governor’s Mansion, preserve Strom Thurmond’s seat and make gains in the legislature.  Critics would argue that the candidates and their campaign should get credit, but 2002 was the first year that the heralded, and extensive, Victory operation (72 hour program) was put in place all over the nation.  We were very closely involved and can attest to the efforts put in to that program.

In 2004 he helped secure the GOP’s dominance on the federal level with the election of Senator Jim DeMint to replace the outspoken southern icon, Fritz Hollings.  Finally, while the Repubs around the nation were getting their butts handed to them in 2006, he oversaw the re-election of the Governor, lost only one seat in the state House, and captured one of the two remaining constitutional offices not in the Party’s hands. 

Most recently, the Party has begun to rebuff offers from Democrats to switch allegences and instead have been recruiting challengers, which clearly demonstrates strength going forward.  All the while the Party has been in the black, and has maintained a relatively stable presence in the public eye.

Looking to the future, Katon has signaled that he will aggressively protect South Carolina’s place of prominence in the Presidential Primaries and is making plans for a hugely important, though way too early, debate in partnership with USC.

The best in the nation?  Eh, we don’t know many Chairmen, but we doubt it. 

Deserving of the full support of the SCGOP and their vote of confidence?


Netroots connect soldier to home

February 1, 2007


Representative James Smith (Richland Co.)  is preparing to serve his country in Afghanistan – Operation Enduring Freedom – Joint Task Force Phoenix VI.  He is a first class public servant, but more importantly he is true patriot.  We pray for his safe return and thank him for his service on our behalf.

What makes this story even more interesting is that Representative Smith will be using a Blog to keep his family and constituents up to date on his experiences serving in Afghanistan.  For all the talk about the new media and netroots playing a major role in politics; using a blog to keep in touch, in real time, from the battlefield is a wonderful use of this medium. 

Check out his site.  He is an excellent writer and we look forward to following his journey until he returns safely to South Carolina.  God speed sir.

The new straight talker….

January 31, 2007


Too bad he is going to be run out of town as a racist.

The New York Observer has a great interview with Senator Joe Biden.  This guy just calls it like he sees it, which we thought was refreshing even though we disagree with him politically.  But that never flys in the land of PC-ville.

Biden’s problem now is that the Obama campaign has given the signal for the press to play the race card in repsonse to his comments about Senator Obama being clean and articulate.  More or less the campaign responded in an email implying that Biden’s remarks were racist code. 

“Senator Obama opposed the Iraq War from Day 1 and has articulated clear principles in how to address the tragic mistakes President Bush has made there.” And as for rest—including Mr. Biden’s use of the words “articulate” and “nice-looking” to describe the Senator from Illinois—the spokesman said, “Senator Biden’s words speak for themselves.”

Biden should have found better words to use, because we all know “articulate” means that you don’t like black people.

He is probably toast.  Too bad, we would have enjoyed his type of plain speak on the campaign trail.

Merry Christmas! …and don’t forget to vote

January 25, 2007

Don't Tread on Me! 

Some time ago we brought up the movement by the state of Florida to advance its primary schedule to either leap-frog South Carolina’s or put it on the same day/week.  It is beginning to look like our state will be having more company.  The Hotline is reporting that CA, IL, FL and NJ are all looking at moving their primaries to the beginning of February.

I know these guys think that our southern hospitality knows no bounds, but this is ridiculous.  The number of delegates these states carry will knock South Carolina from the spotlight as candidates look to try and pull out victories in the bigger media markets.   The national parties have threatened those states with a reduction in the number of delegates that would be seated, but it does not seem to have caused even a blink.

When we first reported this Scott Malyerck, former ED for the SCGOP, commented:

Scott Malyerck Says:
January 12th, 2007 at 10:40 pm

If Florida moves up into January, South Carolina says “Merry Christmas and don’t forget to vote!”

We’re commited to being “First in the South” and nothing will get in the way of that.

We absolutely appreciate the commitment to keeping this state relevant in the fight for the White House, and we should press forward if need be.  However, when does it end?  After a few cycles the first primary will be a week after the swearing-in. 

Then national parties need to come up with a better punitive system for dealing with these states.  Perhaps not seating any of their delegates, thus making their primary null and void?  Perhaps that is a thought for the future, but right now; we need to fight to make sure we remain an early and individual primary.

UPDATE:  From the NY Times:

The changes, which seem all but certain to be enacted by state legislatures, mean that the presidential candidates face the prospect of going immediately from an ordered series of early contests in relatively small states in January to a single-day, coast-to-coast battlefield in February, encompassing some of the most expensive advertising markets in the nation.

Read the article here.