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First day on the job | Phillip Lowe

January 9, 2007

Tim chats with his former boss Representative Phillip Lowe. 


First day on the job | Dr. Kris Crawford

January 9, 2007

Tim Cameron of The Shot chats with State House freshman class president Kris Crawford. 

First day on the job | Bakari Sellers

January 9, 2007

A light hearted look at Representative Bakari Sellers, the youngest member of the State House.  Oh, and a little bit of Representative Todd Rutherford too.

First day on the job | Keith Kelly

January 9, 2007

All week The Shot will be bringing you videos from inaugural events and interviews with our legislators.

We start with this segment ‘First day on the job,’ short interviews with a few of our newly elected State House members.

We begin with Republican Keith Kelly who was recently elected to House seat 35 in Spartanburg County.