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Just somthin’ about the way we do things

February 9, 2007


We ran across this while following some good ‘ole SEC football recruiting.  There are not many times when we would ever agree with a Vol fan, or any other fan from a rival SEC team, but as much as we all disagree, we all can agree that there is no other football than SEC football.  The tailgating, the food, the drinks, the fellowship, and the girls who spend more time lookin’ good for a football game than they would for their own wedding(who honestly are living proof of the existance of the good Lord himself).  God bless SEC football, from the rocky tops of Tennessee to the swamps of Florida, with Gamcock country in between.  Read on in the words of an inspired Vol fan:

You all have the Heisman. We just kind of agree, honestly, who the best player is. This year, it was a tie between McFadden and Russell.  We don’t care a thing about the Heisman because it’s not really about who the best player is.  We don’t have a formal meeting in a big city to give out the award.  We just kind of all agree. Afterall, it’s about the team anyway.
Michigan has won more games than anyone.  But, that is because they have played much longer than a lot of teams.  In the last 75 years (most all of the major programs have been around that long) – a southern team (Tennessee) has more wins than any program.

Brent Musburger and Keith Jackson repeating it over and over again, year after year, does not make it true. The Rose Bowl is not, and has never been, “the granddaddy of them all.” The Sugar Bowl is.

The school out west is Southern Cal. USC is the school in Columbia.

ESPN’s “brightest” repeating it often still does not make it true. The best rivalry in football is not Michigan and Ohio State. It’s either Alabama/Auburn or Ole Miss/Mississippi State or Georgia/Georgia Tech or USC/Clemson.

The greatest plays of all time did not involve Doug Flutie or the Stanford band. LSU had a hand in two – 1. a last second bomb at Kentucky, 2. when one of the greatest RB’s of all time (Billie Cannon) was stopped on four consecutive downs on the one by General Neyland’s Vols , and 3. the fade on fourth down by a back-up QB to win the game for the Cocks against Miss State.

We’re pretty sure that the best coaches ever were had the names the Bear, the General, Shug,  Dodd, and the Old Ball Coach.

The exteme of football is not 25 degrees in December, it’s 92 degrees in September.

The best day in college football comes every other year. When the Tide rolls into Rocky Top – when the leaves are brilliant and the sky is stark blue. When a big orange ball reflects off the River. The 3rd Saturday of October.

Bo, Hershall, Doug Atkins, Manning x3, the Snake, Broadway, Reggie White, Emmit Smith, LeRoy Jordan, Y.A. Tittle, Billie Cannon – these are the legends.

Passion is known best in places like the Grove or in Columbia – where there’s not always a lot of winning – but there’s always hope. And winning is a tradition all over the place – on the Plains, in the Bayou, at the Capstone, on the Tennessee River, in the Swamp, at the slop troft and between the Hedges.

If ya’ll ain’t a Farmer, Hillbilly, Bammer, Coonass, Dawg, Cowboy, Redneck, Swamprat, a Cock or true gentleman – then you have no clue what football really means.

Preach on my man, preach on…


The Shot’s Weekend Pickoff

January 19, 2007


Last week I was batting .500; this weekend I’m looking to go 2/2 in the conference championship games.

AFC Conference Championship
New England @ Indianapolis

Could this finally be Peyton Manning’s year? His play thus far in the playoffs has been sub-par, but he has found ways to win. New England has also played less than perfect, but Tom Brady doesn’t know how to lose. A key play-call last week on the two point conversion tied the game against San Diego, and Brady drove the team down for the game winning field goal.

Two things are for certain in this game; Tom Brady knows how to win and Bill Belichick could be Peyton Manning’s father.

New England will continue its dominance of the Colts with their defense.

New England: 23
Indianapolis: 16

NFC Conference Championship
New Orleans @ Chicago

Is New Orleans a team of destiny? They have had a magnificent season thus far and a Super Bowl win would be the king of feel good stories. But unfortunately they have to travel to Soldier Field and face Chicago, whose defense will stifle Reggie Bush. This game could be close, but the Bears are playing solid football and should take care of New Orleans.

Chicago: 27
New Orleans: 23

[Franklin Buchanan]

The Shot’s Weekend Pickoff

January 12, 2007


At some point or another we’ll eventually put a Sports Section here on The Shot, but until then we’ll settle for a Sports category on the right side of the page.

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

The NFL’s most prolific offense versus the NFL’s most destructive defense. Peyton Manning has led the Colts back to the playoffs again while dismantling opposing defenses. Ray Lewis has Baltimore back in the playoffs this year, while the Raven offense is lighting up scoreboards under steady QB Steve McNair. Ever since Raven Head Coach Brian Billick took over play calling duties from Offensive Coordinator Jim Fassel back in week 4, Baltimore’s offense has been a force in the AFC. The Indy defense has struggled against the run as of late, although they did stop Larry Johnson last week.

Despite the big win against Kansas City last week, the Ravens are more complete on the defensive side of the ball and can put up a lot of points on Indy’s suspect defense.

Baltimore – 31
Indianapolis – 24

Philadelphia @ New Orleans

Two Cinderella stories this year. I don’t even think I have to go into what the Saints have overcome in getting this far, but rookie coach Sean Payton has his team on a roll. The Eagles, on the other hand, lost their starting QB and instead of falling off the playoff radar, backup Jeff Garcia has them surging into the playoffs. New Orleans peaked too early and is vulnerable when the play calling is balanced as evidenced by their loss against Washington.

Philadelphia – 20
New Orleans – 10

Seattle @ Chicago

The undefeated talk subsided real quick this season for Chicago, and now you’re hearing that they won’t even make the Super Bowl due to shaky play from QB Rex Grossman. Seattle has been inconsistent all year with injuries to QB Matt Hasselbeck and RB Shaun Alexander. Seattle lucked out against Dallas last week and lady luck will not be on their side on the road at Soldier Field. Grossman throws deep – a lot.

Chicago – 37
Seattle – 16

New England @ San Diego

LT could be the greatest running back ever. Bill Belichick could be the greatest coach ever. This will be the game of the weekend as it’s talent versus scheme. I think scheme wins out here and Belichick outcoaches Marty Schottenheimer.

New England – 24
San Diego – 20

[Franklin Buchanan]