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The Crew| Hunter inks the Bonnie Blue

February 28, 2007


Bonnie Blue Public Relations has signed on to be the General Consultant in South Carolina for Congressman Duncan Hunter’s Presidential bid.  BBPR is run by Robert Cahaly, a well known political consultant from the Upstate. 

 We know these guys probably think we have been tough on Hunter recently, but we are hoping to see BBPR clean up the gaffs now that they have some local help on the payroll.    Remember, crazy people and microphones do not mix.


The Crew| McCain hires Bowers as Chief Counsel

February 27, 2007


Karl “Butch” Bowers of Nelson, Mullens, Riley, and Scarborough has been hired as Chief Legal Council to McCain’s Exploritory Committee in South Carolina.   

Bowers has previously served as the Chairman of the South Carolina Election Commission under Governor Mark Sanford and as counsel to the South Carolina Republican Party.  Bowers recently represented South Carolinians for Responsible Government when it appeared in front of the State Ethics Commission to hear the opinion that SCRG had tried to influence the outcome of an election and ordered the group to disclose its finances.

The Crew| Richardson picks up McIntosh

February 26, 2007

 General Lachlan McIntosh, the Highlander who...

We realize this isn’t the real McIntosh, but this is General Lachlan McIntosh, a Scottsman who helped found the Georgia militia.  We figured it would do for now.

In case you missed it, South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director, Lachlan McIntosh, will be leaving to head up New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s South Carolina campaign for President. 

In terms of experience, Governor Richardson is considered to have the most impressive resume in the Democratic line-up.  In that same vein, Lachlan is considering one of the most experienced Democrat operatives in the state.  His addition will certainly lend some credibility with Democratic activists.  Lachlan will have a tough road ahead in terms of getting his candidate some attention with HRC and Obama sucking up the spotlight, but he would be the guy to do it.

The SCDP also announced that long-time Dem operative, Morton Brilliant, will be taking the reigns.  Brilliant is another heavy weight in SC politics, having served as advisor to Governor Jim Hodges and with the SCDP.  Brilliant last made the news in Georgia when he resigned as manager of a gubernatorial race after he altered a wikipedia entry for his opponent to include the DUI arrest of the candidate’s son. 

[UPDATE] We found a pic of Lachlan, but we think the General is cool, so we’re keeping him up too.


The Crew | Romney picks up a Thurmond, more legislators

February 15, 2007


On the South Carolina wing of his presidential announcment, Romney found a few prominent South Carolinians in the crowd who threw their support behind his candidacy.  Most notably was Paul Thurmond, son of legendary US Senator Strom Thurmond and newly elected Charleston County Councilman.  Like the Campbell family, the Thurmond family seems to be split in their endorsements as Strom Jr. has already backed McCain.

Also backing Romney yesterday was State Senator Bill Mescher and State House members Chip Huggins, Ted Pitts, and Nate Ballentine.  State Representatives Nikki Haley and Alan Clemmons and State Senators Greg Ryberg and Ronnie Cromer, whose endorsements were already known, were also in attendance.

The Crew | SC black leaders back the white girl over Obama

February 13, 2007


Jim Davenport is reporting that State Senators Darrell Jackson and Robert Ford have endorsed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.  The endorsement is significant because Jackson and Ford, both South Carolina african-american leaders, could be crucial players in getting the critical black vote in the democratic primary.  Jackson is also a pastor at one of the midlands’ biggest african-american churches .

Their reason for going with the white girl?  Only she can win the general election.

The Crew | Campbells back Huckabee

February 12, 2007


We really don’t know where to start with this one.  Do we start with the fact that Tumpy Campbell was not present at the press conference, has already backed McCain, and is on-and-off partners with the Quinns? 

We have about 189 different things to say, but we are pretty busy today. We will have to get to it tonight.

The Crew | Obama picks up a big Gunn

February 9, 2007


The Shot has received confirmation that Barack Obama has picked up Anton Gunn on his South Carolina crew.

Anton Gunn is known as a dynamic young activist, often seen commentating on local news outlets including WIS. The executive director of South Carolina Fair Share, Anton is a frequent speaker and advisor to groups on social and political issues.

Anton recently made an unsuccessful bid to unseat Bill Cotty in the State House of Representatives. Click here to view his campaign website.

We have yet to confirm Anton’s role in the Obama campaign.